Honorah Creagh | March/April

BLUE FLAX Easy to grow from seeds, these perennial flowers comes in an eye-catching periwinkle-and-violet color palette. Will grow in nearly any sunny spot.

MORNING GLORIES Morning glories like to climb, so give them a trellis or fence to grow on. Plant in full sun and fertile soil, water in dry periods.

RED POPPIES There’s more to recommend poppies than just their good looks: the pretty red annual flowers are deer-resistant and attractive to pollinators.

SHASTA DAISIES A low-maintenance classic. Plant these perennials in full sun and water only during especially dry summers. If seeding directly, expect blooms after one year of growth.

LANCE LEAF COREOPSIS These perennials look like little bursts of bright-yellow sunshine and easily spread. They grow in partial shade and can bloom even in lessthan-ideal soil, making them a perfect candidate for hard-to-plant areas.