By Amanda Duff and Allison Ganey

Christmas is quickly approaching, and the last thing we need in 2020 is to fall behind on Christmas shopping. To help in your search, we’ve put together a guide of some of our favorite gift ideas from independent artists and stores, including a few familiar faces! Here are a few of our favorite gift ideas for mom & dad. 

Striped Golf Ball Case

Elevate dad’s game with a J. McLaughlin golf ball case. It has space for 4 balls and 5 tees – and they’re included! 

Get it here: Stripe Golf Ball Case | J.McLaughlin | $78

Honey + Hank Tea Towels

It’s apparent by their tagline alone – design with a wink – that Honey and Hank is a FUN brand. Of her prints which feature states hidden deep within the fashionable designs, founder and designer Jenny Smiley says, “We launched HONEY + HANK to celebrate the places and pastimes that make us all tick. We’ve woven them (in some cases, quite literally) into every single piece and, if you look closely enough, we hope you find something that makes you giddy, too.” We have to say, we absolutely LOVE the Connecticut design! Also fabulous – the Fifty States prints..

Get it here: Honey + Hank Tea Towels | $20

Healthy on You Edible Playlist

Healthy on You’s Edible Playlist boxes are compilations of three organic spice blends that are great for roasts, seafood, and turkey – and each is named after a popular song. Also in the beautifully designed and sustainable keepsake bamboo box is a fun playlist, available via Spotify, three healthy recipes, and an olive wood spoon.

Get it here: Healthy on You Edible Playlist | $49.95


MantraBands are simple, elegant bracelets with a touch of delicate polish and an uplifting message; promoting a lifestyle of optimism, positivity, and mindfulness. Mantranbands are a daily reminder, affirmation, and inspiration.

Get it here: Mantrabands | $25+

Highclere Castle Gin

As seen in our Holiday, 2020 issue, Highclere Castle gin, winner of 14 prestigious gold awards which has roots here in Connecticut, is crafted from ancient botanicals at Highclere Castle in Hampshire, England.

Get it here: Highclere Castle Gin | $45

Litchfield Distillery Maple Bourbon

Everything from Litchfield Distillery is deliciously crafted with care, but this time of year we’re especially fond of their Maple Bourbon. A local sugarmaker ages their craft maple syrup in the distillery’s retired bourbon barrels. After the syrup is produced, the barrels return to Litchfield Distillery where they are promptly refilled with Straight Bourbon. The result is a smooth bourbon that highlights the maple’s sweet and complex character. Bottled at 86 proof.

Get it here: Litchfield Maple Bourbon | $46.95

J. McLaughlin Gloves, Set of 3

Mom should never be without a stylish pair of gloves like this set from J. McLaughlin. 

Get it here: Women’s Gloves | J.McLaughlin | $68

RPAC Gallery Gift Card

Give the gift of art with a gift card to RPAC Gallery.

Get it here: RPAC Gift Card Store | $50 – $1,000