Honorah Creagh | March/April

How do you recycle books or a handful of crayons? Here are some fun ideas for putting hard-to-recycle items to good use.

FRAMES Turn old picture frames into an art project. A coat of paint will transform random frames into a cohesive set. Hang them on a wall to add flare to any room.

CRAYONS Upcycle old crayons into unique shapes. Preheat oven to 150 degrees; chop crayons and pplace in a silicone mold or muffin tin; bake 15 minutes. Let the shapes cool before removing them.

BUTTONS Use leftover buttons to embellish cards. With a bit of glue or a needle and thread, you can attach buttons to postcards, greeting cards, and gift tags to add pizzazz.

BOOKS Ever wonder where your books go after you donate them? BookCrossing, a social networking site that lets you track your book as it passes from reader to reader, solves the mystery. bookcrossing.com

MISCELLANEOUS If you’re holding onto furniture, toys, electronics, or other items that are in good condition but are just taking up space, consider listing them on Freecycle to donate them to others in your community. freecycle.org —Honorah Creagh