We recently reported on Recess PlayWorks’ new learning pods, specifically designed for preschool and Grades K – 5 students as an alternative to in-person learning. Now, they’re offering a solution to the challenges parents are facing this month: how to work from home while overseeing children’s remote learning, which is taking place two days a week in the Ridgefield public schools system.

For just $75 a day, which breaks down to $12.50 per hour, parents can have an experienced tutor oversee their child’s remote learning. The days and times follow Ridgefield’s hybrid learning system, adding ease to the planning portion of remote learning. Parents do have to be utilizing a co-working space while their children are there, however Recess PlayWorks is discounting the monthly co-working membership fee from $250 to $150 for parents who choose this program for their kids.

For more information: https://www.recessplayworks.com/products/recess-playworks-learning-pod-program