PSA: NOW is the time to plant your fall bulbs. Fortunately for us, the landscape designers from Fairfield’s Outdoor Design and Living are sharing all the tips you need for a successful planting. Plant now, enjoy later! Audrey Hepburn said it best: “To plant a garden is to hope for tomorrow.”

  1. Purchase your spring bulbs NOW. We’re open with social distancing measures in place, and we also take orders over the phone. 203-259-9630 | 1301 Bronson Road, Fairfield

  2. Plant bulbs when temperatures at night are around 40-50 degrees. Bulbs need a sandy soil and to be in the ground prior to Thanksgiving.

  3. Plant the “right” bulbs. At Outdoor Design and Living we only stock deer-resistant bulbs that do well in Fairfield County.

  4. Choose areas in your garden that need spring color. Bulbs like sun, so the more sun the better.

  5. When you are ready to plant, place the bulbs in the ground have the pointy part facing up and plant about three times as deep as the bulb.

  6. Fertilize the planting hole with a granular fertilizer specific for bulbs. Mix well.

  7. Enjoy!

Visit Outdoor Design & Living online: Reach them via phone: 203-259-9630. Visit them in person: Bronson Road, Fairfield.