Amanda Duff | May 14, 2020

Self-care may not seem like the highest priority while in quarantine, but giving your skin some attention now will pay off once restrictions start to ease. Plus, if there was ever a time to be kind to yourself, it’s now. Dr. Deanne Mraz Robinson, MD, FAAD, Partner of Modern Dermatology in Westport, shared with us three at-home skincare tips. Dr. Robinson and her husband Dave live in Ridgefield with their four kids: Dermott, Teagan, Callan and Garrett.

1. Create a sunscreen station in your home. Fill a basket with all the SPFs your family needs and keep it by your door so it’s easy to apply on your way out. I prefer physical, mineral sunscreens for my family. With these formulations you don’t have to worry about chemical absorption into the skin and I find them to offer better protection. Physical sunscreens sit on the surface of your skin and literally reflect the sun’s rays off. If you’re not sure what the difference is look at the ingredient list on the backside of your bottle. If the active ingredients are avobenzone, octinoxate and oxybenzone then it’s a chemical sunscreen. Physical sunscreens will have the active ingredients titanium dioxide and zinc oxide. My favorite physical sunscreens for my family are:
2. Check yourself. Check your skin (and your kids’) nightly for ticks. Click here to review the CDC’s tips for how to remove a tick and check here to see when Ridgefield Health Department’s tick testing service will resume. If you develop a rash or fever within several weeks of removing a tick, see your doctor. Be sure to tell the doctor about your recent tick bite, when the bite occurred, and where you most likely acquired the tick.

3. Try a DIY at-home facial. Here’s a hydrating mask that will soothe dry, irritated skin. Avocados are filled with moisturizing fats, the honey is antibacterial and the cocoa powder contains anti-inflammatory properties.

  1. Mash a half an avocado in a small bowl
  2. Mix in one and a half tablespoons of organic honey
  3. Gently stir in 1 tablespoon of dark cocoa powder
  4. Apply to a clean face
  5. Let dry for 15 mins, then rinse off
If we’ve talked you into some self-care and you decide you’d like to see Dr. Robinson yourself, you’re in luck – Modern Dermatology IS seeing patients both virtually via Telehealth and, when necessary, in the office. (For in-person visits, they have plenty of precautionary measures in place, which read more about here.)
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