Boat Owners Association of The United States (BoatUS) has issued its annual list of “top 10 boat names” – and Ridgefield residents weighed in. 

Boat Owners Association of The United States (BoatUS), the national advocacy, services, and safety group, has issued its annual list of Top 10 Boat Names, which it compiles from those using the services of BoatUS Boat Graphics to design and purchase boat name graphics. While a boat’s name can be as varied as the owner at the helm, certain themes do stick out.

“It’s always a challenge to decide on a boat name because the options are endless,” said BoatUS Vice President of Public Affairs Scott Croft. “However, after 28 years of offering a boat name graphics service to our members, we’ve found that certain themes stand the test of time.”

Croft notes some distinct patterns of popular boat names, each focused around a main theme: relaxation (SerenityIsland TimeSanctuaryHydro TherapyOasis); a new chapter in life or achievement (Second WindNext ChapterAt Last); fishing (Reel TimeReel TherapyPilar); embracing the boating life (Pura VidaLa Bella VitaSeas the DayDolce Vita); and music (Flat Bottom GirlGreatful DadCool Change).

We asked Ridgefield Magazine’s Facebook audience what some of their favorites are, and enjoyed reading the responses. Stacey Parascondola Jchick said “Our boar is named Aftershock. She got the name because my husband and I were involved in a boat fire two years ago that resulted in us having to jump overboard. The boat’s name was Shockwave… hence the new name, Aftershock!” (Very clever!) Jan Triani shared her favorite, Micaela Jane, consisting of middle names. Lisa Armstrong shared that she used to live in Noank, CT and a boat in the harbor there, which was not the prettiest, was named Repulsive. And 109 Cheese & Wine shared a photo of their boat, Justice, a restored 1981 Ski Nautique that originally belonged to their father, a judge. What a wonderful mix of sentimental, and comical!

A photo of “Justice” submitted by 109 Cheese & Wine.

A photo of “Micaela Jane” submitted by Jan Triani.

Here are some of the names that made it to this year’s Top 10 Boat Names list:

1. Serenity: One of the most common and beloved boat names ever, the owner of this boat may have a high-stress job and is likely looking to the water for a little peace and quiet. Watch out for yoga mats on deck!
2. Island Time: Everything is slower in the islands. Let down your hair, feel the sun on your face and the warm, clear turquoise waters surrounding your feet. You are now experiencing Island Time.
3. Scout: The owner of this boat is an adventurous type. Whether out gunkholing with the family, cruising to far-off locales, or chasing down a secret fishing spot, Scout’s skipper is on a mission.
4. Pura Vida: A way of life in Costa Rica. Up north it translates to living a good life with your family, cherishing simple pleasures, and enjoying a slow, relaxed pace. Moreover, it’s not just for sailboats – speedy motorboat owners love this name equally.
5. Seas the Day: This boat owner is likely completely in charge while boating and intends to get the most out of the boating lifestyle. This boat is also likely to be the last one to return to home port for the night, enjoying every ounce of daylight on the water.
6. Shenanigans: This boat owner is obviously (and likely innocently) up to something, and it may have to do with a big, extended family aboard. Think of Mr. Brady’s kind of boat, if he’d had one, at your local Saturday afternoon anchorage with Greg, Marcia, Peter, Jan, Bobby, Cindy, Mrs. Brady and Alice aboard.
7. Black Pearl: Like the fictional ship of Disney movie fame, this vessel may not look like much, but she’s brought her captain home every time and had a lot of fun along the way.
8. Cool Change: Originating in Australia to define the change from a hot summer day to a cool afternoon breeze and thunderstorms ahead. This boat’s owner likely believes in the transformative nature of “cool and bright clear water.”
9. Liberty: Just like its popular cousin Freedom, a boater who chooses this name is a patriot to his or her core. There’s a fair chance this owner served in the military or has family who does.
10. Knot on Call: A name once chosen by doctors and nurses, Knot on Call now appeals to a wider group of boaters where technology has increased the intrusive reach of the office or added 24-hour job demands.

So, what do YOU think? What’s YOUR top pick for a boat name?