By Allison Ganey

This Valentine’s Day, we’ve been searching for ways to spice things up with the pandemic still looming. We’ve compiled a few of our favorite ideas here for you, and it includes something for everyone, whether you’re feeling lazy, creative, or if you’re single! These ideas would be fun no matter your circumstances, so take this day to celebrate with one of our Valentine’s Day Date Ideas.


Make dinner together! This is a simple way to spend quality time with your loved one. You could recreate your favorite meal from your favorite restaurant or pick out a recipe from one of those cookbooks you’ve probably never cracked open (don’t worry, ours are just for decoration, too). If you have kids, this is a fun way to get them involved in the celebrations! Have them read the recipe directions or retrieve ingredients from the pantry. 

Have a Chopped cook-off! Each of you can purchase a few items the other must include in a dish for the evening, then vote on who better utilized their items. What’s a day of romance without a bit of rivalry? 

Stream a virtual event! Since the start of the pandemic, there’s been a rise in online events to enjoy, from concerts to comedy shows to tastings! Check-in with your favorite stars and venues on social media to see if they have anything planned, or visit a site like Eventbrite that will give you a taste of what’s available to you on the world wide web.

Team up with other friends and couples to have a virtual trivia night! Planning a virtual trivia night is a good way to implement quality time with many of the people you care about and maybe haven’t seen since the start of the pandemic. You can find trivia questions online or make up your own, even tailoring some questions to your friend group’s inside jokes. Let the games begin!

Challenge each other to a bake-off! If you haven’t watched The Great British Baking Show yet, it’s time to hop on the bandwagon. Challenge your significant other to a grandiose showstopper competition, or see who has better technique with a Technical Challenge! No matter who wins, you’ll have a smorgasbord of goodies to enjoy at the end of the night.

Go ice skating! Depending on where you live, there are numerous places you can go to recreate your favorite rom-com moments at the rink. And after this week’s snowstorm, now’s the perfect time to embrace the ice and snow while it lasts! Skate your teenage heart out.

Recreate your first date or your favorite one! Is there anything more romantic than reliving your favorite moments together? You can commit to this in varying degrees: order takeout from the same restaurant, even wear the same outfit you did that night! Recreate the magic of that evening however you choose.

Decorate or dress up for the occasion! Most of us don’t bother decorating for smaller holidays like Valentine’s Day, but given the circumstances, doing so will bring some much-needed joy into your home. Decorating will immediately make you feel like you have something to look forward to – something worth celebrating. And dressing up will make it feel that much more special.

Whether you’re single (like me) or not, take the day to pamper yourself! The pandemic has taken its toll on all of us, and even though you never need an excuse to relax, Valentine’s Day is one day you don’t have to be ashamed for taking some time for yourself. Many of us feel guilty if we take too much leisure time; Whatever pampering means to you — if you want to spend the day reading or treat yourself to a mani/pedi — today is your day to indulge yourself. 

Do something artistic! This could be anything from framing photos to hang around your home to painting each other’s portraits. Add in a few alcoholic beverages, and you have your very own drink-n-draw. If nothing else, this activity will give you both a good laugh.

Go on a staycation! While it’s still quite risky to travel, why not make your hometown your vacation destination? Book a night in a hotel and order takeout to your room. It’ll feel like a proper celebration simply because you left the house!

Make a time capsule of your relationship! This gift keeps on giving in the years to come and will make you smile as your relationship progresses through life’s milestones. Starting a time capsule now will be all the more rewarding because of the age we’re living in. It will be wild to look back on!

Build a fort! Create a fantastical escape in the comfort of your own home by building a hideaway you can hunker down in. Those with kids can enlist them to help put it together and enjoy a night of magic that brings the whole family together. Grab any spare sheets, towels, and pillows, and get building!

Maybe the obvious one of all? Have a movie marathon! There is so much you can do to make this special: create snack boxes like you would get at the movie theatre, buy new blankets to cuddle up with on the couch, plan a different cocktail for each film. Your marathon can consist of all of your favorites, or maybe you want to have a theme, or you simply want to make a dent in your watchlist! No matter how you choose to enjoy it, a movie marathon is a great way to spend quality time.