Yes, we know it’s fall. And yes, we do love all things pumpkin. But we still think there’s a place year-round for feminine flavors like rose. (Don’t you?) Barn Door’s Rose Water Cosmo made with Arbikie Potato Vodka is fragrant but not too sweet  however, those with a sweet tooth will enjoy the martini glass’s sugared rim.   

Barn Door’s authentic, rustic cuisine is the ideal complement to Connecticut-based (albeit Scotland-distilled) Arbikie Farm Distillery’s terroir-driven spirits. Arbikie Potato Vodka is crafted with three different varieties of potatoes, giving it an allnatural, smooth, vanilla creaminess that’s perfectly balanced with Barn Door’s homemade rose-infused water.  


2 oz. Arbikie Potato Vodka 

½ oz. Triple Sec 

3 oz. Rose Water 

Splash of Simple Syrup 


Combine all ingredients. Shake well and pour into a sugar-rimmed martini glass. Garnish with a rose petal.