AUTO | Behind the Wheel: Teens & Driving

Despite cars being designed to be safer than ever, traffic fatalities remain the leading cause of death for teens ages fifteen through nineteen, according to NHTSA. From choosing the right car to driver training, Roger Garbow examines what parents can do.

AUTO | Playing Around With a BMW i8

The BMW i8’s hybrid drivetrain includes a rear-mounted 1.5-liter, twin turbo three-cylinder gas engine paired with an electric motor up front, delivering excellent performance and impressive fuel economy.

AUTO | Toyota Land Cruiser Heritage Edition

Go anywhere in the world, and you’ll find Toyota Land Cruisers; they’re one of the few vehicles sold in almost every country on earth. It’s no surprise they’re Toyota’s longest running model. For those seeking the road less traveled, the 2020 Toyota Land Cruiser is an excellent choice.

AUTO | Electric Avenue: The Move Away from Gas-Powered Cars

For decades, electric cars have been a sideshow, a novelty act, a blip on the automotive sales chart. But over the next five years, electric vehicles—EVs—will make up 25 percent to 30 percent of vehicle sales, and the consequences are, well, shocking.

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