Ridgefield Magazine + Wilton Magazine

The best of Ridgefield and Wilton, delivered to your doorstep.

For nearly 20 years, Ridgefield Magazine and Wilton Magazine have been devoted to telling the remarkable stories of the Ridgefield, Connecticut and Wilton, Connecticut communities.  Through compelling content and design, our experienced team of writers, creatives, and photographers tell stories that surprise and captivate readers. Ridgefield Magazine and Wilton Magazine deliver the best of Fairfield County  to over 20,000 residences in Ridgefield, Redding (Ridgefield Magazine), and Wilton, completely comlimentary.

As a loyal reader of Ridgefield and/or Wilton Magazine, we would like to introduce ourselves as the new faces behind these magazines. Colabella Media is the new owner of the magazines, which will now be designed by the RPAC Art Center design team. We believe in the strengths of the magazines, and will be expanding our content to include a larger focus on the people and events throughout our towns.  Ridgefield and Wilton Magazines are proud to be a part of the best areas in CT for arts and cultural experiences.

Story ideas or news tips? Email our editor, Dylan Miller: editor@ridgefieldmagazine.com.